sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2016

Fractal Disruption

For a long time, people want to understand how changes happen.

Nowadays, we are experiencing a fast change, exponential, driven by abundance of technology. We are facing strong disruption on several markets. For example, consider Uber, Tesla, Google, Airbnb and many others.

Two months ago, I was in Porto Alegre, Brazil, talking with a Uber driver. I do mentioned how fast the changes are coming. The guy talked about taxi drivers and how their are fighting against the change. Then, the conversation took a nice path. He told me that he is concerned with his job, since Uber is replacing drivers by machines. In other words, the Uber driver is concerned in loosing its job. Imagine how concerned are the taxi drivers.

Self-driven Uber car is a second disruption. A disruption over a disruption.

Talking with a friend in a bar about this (Estevan Lopes), I do realized that disruptions occur recursively, like in a fractal object. That is an object with fractional dimension. Disruption is the part of the object that repeats itself at different scales.

I draw the idea bellow in a bar napkins to do not loose the idea. The big square is the Uber. The second largest square is the new disruption. The disruption inside the disruption: the self-driven Uber cars. An so on.

Now, just do the math.

Photo: Estevan Lopes.

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