quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

Tutorial at Latincom 2011: Future Network Architectures: Requirements and Challenges

I am going to present my tutorial Future Network Architectures: Requirements and Challenges at the IEEE 3rd Latin-American Conference on Communications 2011 that will be held from 24-26 October at Federal University of Pará.

The tutorial gives an introduction to the current approaches to design future networks, e.g. Future Internet (FI) and Global Information Infrastructure (GII). It summarizes already identified requirements, challenges and trends behind key technologies that can be used on this task. More specifically, it covers substrate resources (computing, communications, etc) capacity, scalability, ubiquity and virtualization; Internet of Things (IoT) and Real-World Internet (RWI) approaches; Information-centrism; the role of identities on design, the decoupling on identification/location of entities; the role of semantic and context; and generalized mobility. Also, it discusses the role of autonomic and cognitive technologies on the design. Security, privacy and trust are also covered. The ideas of Internet of Services (IoS) and Service-Based Applications (SBA) are discussed. Finally, it discusses simplicity, sustainability and evolvability of the design as well as how to accommodate tussles.

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