quarta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2011

Summary of Future Internet and Information Universe talk at AsiaFI 2011 summer school, Yanghee Choi

Here are my notes regarding such talk:

Future Internet proposals are to much specific. We need more deep review and design, not only specific technological approaches.

Interaction will explode in the future. Interaction among everything. New types of interactions.

Smart * is very important. We need to integrate smart systems. Smart work at home, car, etc. Smart work is important to save society resources. Smart working is a challenge.

Exploding on traffic. It is already a problem in Korea.

New models of collaboration are required to explore increasing diversity and scale on interactions.

Information Universe (IU): The digital universe in 2020 is going to be 44 times larger than what it was in 2009 (35 ZB) [IDC Digital Universe]

Challenges behind IU: capture, store, move and process all these data.

Exponential trends on devices, penetration, speed, reach out, etc.

Scale down based on nano-devices.

What is going to be the Internet in 2030? Real-time, quality and knowledge Internet. Focus must be in more fundamental requirements.

Quality requires ubiquity, availability, safety, dependability, sharing, adaptability. How to measure quality?

Knowledge Internet requires some information decaying model - cleaning o useless information.

Can we design a single architecture to integrate FI and IU?

Today there is a battle of architectures. How close architectures need to be from business models?

I believe that if we can integrate all things on an unique architecture, we are going to have a very efficient design.

Support for real-time traffic, but also for real-time nodes, i.e. real-time virtualization.

That is all folks.

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